I have been taking images of wild places and wildlife for over 40 years.  Over the past few years my interests have changed to one of not only photographing wildlife but teaching the skills that I have learned over time to burgeoning students of photography.  I have had the privilege to teach wildlife photography workshops in Arizona, Africa, Ecuador, Costa Rica, and several states of the United States. This website is my effort to develop a continuous educational site so that I can attempt to transfer my knowledge to anyone that will benefit.  

As this site matures I will have blog postings that are educational in nature, images for your viewing, links to my favorite sites-both from an educational point of view and pure enjoyment of beautiful images-, and information about workshop opportunities.     

My mother was a Canon shooter as I have been over the past 40 years.  Nothing against Nikon but blood is thicker than…  Because I tend to shoot all wildlife and all of nature I have a wide range of Canon equipment.  My current arsenal includes the 5D Mark III, 7D Mark II, almost every lens made starting at the 15 mm diagonal fisheye to the 500 mm f/4 lens.  Gitzo are my favorite tripods and Really Right Stuff makes great ball heads.  Wimberly supplies my quick release plates and the sidekick.  My equipment list is way too long to present here but I will review much of it in my blog.  

I began my interest in wildlife as a child in the rivers and marshes of Wisconsin and continued it for my entire life.  I have been a hunter, angler, biologist, research scientist, and wildlife administrator during my career.  As a wildlife photographer I continue to enjoy the wonders of our wild world.  

Please have a look around my site and I am hopeful that you can benefit from my experiences.